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Ideation support is my expertise.

Your ideas are my business.


/ ˌʌɪdɪˈeɪʃ(ə)n/


the formation of ideas or concepts.

Creation of branded coasters for Flying Moose, using a 3D printed metal stamp.

Quote available upon request.

Lasercut laptop stands for Your Laptop Stand.

Starting at €29, more information on the website.

Development of hearing protection earplugs for Loop.

Starting at €39, more information on their website.

Conceptualising of a big sculpture for visual artist Nel Bonte.

Realised in Hoogstraten, Belgium.

Technological development of a minimalist desk lamp for CO.Studio.

Realised by DARK.

Development of a standardised tool for diamond photography.

Realised in cooperation with Matrix Diamond Technology.

Support with the creation of marketing material, setting up a crowdfunfing campaign, and setting out the business course for Simone's Kitchen.

Ideation is the process of shaping and defining an idea into a finalised, finished concept.

Flying Moose will be your soundboard for new product and service ideas.


From evaluating feasibility to assisting with development & prototypes.

From cardboard mock-ups to professional grade 3D prints.

Flying Moose was founded by Marco De Cuyper in 2013.

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